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The name's Dave. 25 years old. New York. A great person once called me a "spaghetti of greatness." Blog pretty much describes me. Enjoy! Don't be shy. Ask me some stuff!(Also, none of the artwork I post on my blog are mine unless I say it is.)


Gavin Free ( Let’s play Mario Kart 8)

Just saw the new PS4 ad featuring Daft Punk’s “Contact” and I must say it’s pretty damn cool.

Went to finally play GTA V Online but couldn’t do any missions no one wanted to join and I remembered I don’t have friends.



Tumblr on November 1st


I got to meet Pat the NES Punk, Roo, and Alpha Omega Sin at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo


Portland retro gaming expo

Ray: Some would say theres too much ore.
Gavin: Ore what?
Ray: Man, if you got hit by a car, would not care.
Gavin: Oh....
Ray: Nah, I would. I love you.
Michael: Ray, come on now
Ray: X-Ray and Vav

Looks like Ryan and his friend have a problem

Looks like Ryan and his friend have a problem

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